Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Has Sprung! {Outdoors Edition}

The Winter was long, and Springtime was looked forward to by many (me for sure!) with eager anticipation. Little by little, the days became warmer, the sunlight more frequent.
And then, the buds began to burst forth. Sunshine Yellow, in big heaps of Forsythia bushes. Oh, how I love them! They just beam with happiness!
 The faithful soldier of a daffodil blooms, and a few more join him and soon, wherever the daffodils are planted, they are burst forth in full bloom. Daffodils. The happy flower. I love how fragrant they are.
 Bradford pear, wild pear, domestic pear...they are all in bloom. The apple trees are just beginning as now the pears are leafed out and the blossoms nearly gone.
 I tell the children to sniff they air as we stop under a Bradford Pear. "Sniff they air," I tell them. "Isn't it amazing how something so pretty can smell so awful? That's how it is in our lives. We can look all cute/pretty/handsome on the outside, but inside our hearts we can be miserable, unhappy and not very nice. In essence, we can stink!" They stop to ponder this concept a moment.... and then we move on in our springtime exploration.

 Fields of purple filigree.
 Outdoors, spring has certainly sprung forth! I am so glad! In town, the tulips are majestically blooming. They are gorgeous and plentiful in our small town! I wish I had a camera to capture them at one place we drove past today. SO beautiful!

Spring always bears a freshness to me. It feels like a new beginning. Almost more so than January 1st does. I feel the urge to get outdoors, to work the soil and smell, and see and breathe of the freshness.
It also inspires me indoors, and next time we'll take a peep inside the house to see what's happening there to bring Springtime {Indoors}
See you then!


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